Theme:  The Birth of Jesus

The traditional Christmas story of the birth of Jesus told with metaphysical interpretation.  The tale evolves out of the creation story, and each character is shown for the value they bring to our lives.

Cast - a minimum of 5 children, expands to include many children

Written for performance by youth, with 5 narrators and a flexible number of additional actors in costume.  Can also be presented with narrators and a slide show of images.  Script has been widely distributed and used in Unity ministries since 2010.

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The Children of Unity Christmas Pageant

  • This script is an original copyrighted work.  If you purchase this script, you may use it as many times as you wish in live performance. Please inquire about other use permissions.  The purchased right to use this script is not transferable, so you will be asked not provide physical or digital copies to others.  Thank you for considering this heart-based licensing agreement.