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What is the Enneagram?

Often called a "spiritual" version of the Myers-Briggs personality assessment tool, the Enneagram is a system with ancient roots, revealing patterns of human personality as a powerful expression of Oneness. Studying the Enneagram empowers us to know and appreciate ourselves more deeply, develop compassion and understanding for others, and discover new and dynamic paths for growth and collaboration.

Cheryl Fare is an InnerLifeSkills Certified Enneagram Coach offering Enneagram workshops and coaching for individuals and groups in both spiritual and corporate settings.


Cheryl is available for individual Enneagram coaching sessions, and workshops in both spiritual and corporate settings.

"It has been my pleasure to participate in more than one class taught by Cheryl Fare. She is always superbly prepared with knowledge of the subject matter, uses different elements of presentation that enhances our learning and communicates superbly with the students during class as well as follow-up. I am definitely 'on' for the next class she will be teaching."

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one for each Enneagram type FREE from Enneagram Insights!

Rates for individual coaching:

  • $60 for an initial typing session of 90-120 minutes

  • $35 per hour for ongoing coaching sessions

Rates for workshops in spiritual or corporate settings vary.

Click on the button below to inquire about scheduling.

Upcoming Enneagram Classes:

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