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What is the Enneagram?

Often called a “spiritual” version of the Myers-Briggs personality assessment tool, the Enneagram is a system with ancient roots, revealing patterns of human personality as a powerful expression of Oneness. Studying the Enneagram empowers us to know and appreciate ourselves more deeply, develop compassion and understanding for others, and discover new and dynamic paths for growth and collaboration.

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What can the Enneagram do for me?


On a personal level, the Enneagram can help you with…

  • Self Understanding - gain clarity on your core motivations and desires

  • Recognizing Patterns - learn to notice memory-based patterns associated with your Enneagram type

  • Breaking Habits - use what you learn to break free from unhealthy choices

  • Improving Relationships - improve communication and empathy as you develop understanding of and compassion for all Enneagram types

  • Personal Growth - embrace the path of integration for your Enneagram type and use that path to develop personal growth aspirations

  • Integrating Mindfulness - incorporate mindfulness spiritual practices how can the Enneagram help me with my with ease using the Enneagram expression of Oneness as your guide

What can the Enneagram do

for my career and business?


On a professional level, the Enneagram can enhance career and business dealings with…

  • Self-Awareness - increase awareness of your strengths, weaknesses and work style

  • Decision Making - activate your capacity to make decisions with more confidence and ease

  • Workplace Dynamics - improve communication and relationships with colleagues, leading to a more harmonious work environment

  • Career & Leadership Development - highlight areas for growth and develop leadership skills based on your Enneagram type

  • Conflict Resolution - recognize different perspectives and motivations using the Enneagram to navigate and resolve conflict

  • Stress Management - observe how your Enneagram type reacts under stress and use that pattern to develop new strategies for managing stress

  • Career Satisfaction - align your work choices with the assets and integration path for your Enneagram type to enjoy life-long career satisfaction

How can I learn more about the Enneagram?

  • Enneagram Coaching - Cheryl Fare is a Certified Enneagram Coach, with more than a decade of Enneagram study, and certification through the InnerLifeSkills training program. Cheryl can help you discover your Enneagram type, and coach you through both personal and professional dynamics.

Discover Your Enneagram Type - 90-120 Minute Enneagram Typing Session - $60

Explore Concerns & Opportunities - for those who know their Enneagram Type - Coaching Sessions - $60 per hour

CLICK HERE to contact Cheryl about Enneagram coaching.

  • Enneagram Classes - Cheryl offers monthly topic-based Enneagram classes, and Enneagram Insights introduction courses two to three times each year. All classes are presented online via Zoom (some classes are also offered in-person in Richmond VA), and all classes are offered on a sliding scale to accommodate a range of income levels. Join Cheryl’s mailing list to receive updates on Enneagram class offerings.

CLICK HERE to see the current class offerings.

  • Do Your Own Research - For centuries, the Enneagram was kept secret and passed down only as oral tradition. That changed in the early 1900’s, and over the last century knowledge and theories about the Enneagram have expanded dramatically. These days, it’s easy to do your own searching online, and find an Enneagram book and learn on your own. (As a part of her intro classes, Cheryl Fare provides a reading list with notes on a collection of books.)

  • Proceed with a healthy dose of caution! Online Enneagram tests are easy to find, even easier to take, provide quick answers, and often provide incorrect conclusions. Enneagram teacher Colleen Joy from the InnerLifeSkills training program puts the error rate for some online Enneagram tests as high as 60% - especially for some Enneagram types - 60%!! In order to avoid those potential pitfalls, contact Cheryl today about one-on-one Enneagram coaching sessions or group classes.

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About Cheryl Fare

Cheryl Fare is an Ordained Unity Minister, InnerLifeSkills Certified Enneagram Coach, and a Master of Fine Arts. She has established herself as a leader with an artistic and spiritual voice of clarity as a speaker, writer, educator, actor, director, and producer. As a writer she often focuses on real world topics, commenting on universal challenges as well as intimate, personal insights that give audiences a privileged glimpse of their own innermost virtues, fears and joys.  Cheryl’s style is direct, but subtly moving, using a quick wit and a wry sense of humor to shield readers while revealing the essence of life’s most sensitive topics. Cheryl is a leader with a strong voice of reason, encouraging professional and community groups to engage in meaningful collaboration.  As a dynamic speaker and educator, her insights provide sparks that expand the field of opportunity for artistic and spiritual discovery.



"Beginning my journey with the Enneagram with Cheryl has been so enlightening. To be honest, with all the self-healing work I've done, I didn't expect to learn so many new things about myself! But perhaps even more importantly than a self-awareness tool, this system opens up a whole world of knowledge regarding our interconnectedness with family, friends, co-workers, etc. It brings a depth of understanding to why we have an easy time with some people, and not with others, and practical ways to navigate our trickier relationships. Cheryl, as always, is incredibly professional...prepared, detailed, and concise in her teaching, making this extensive information manageable for her students. If you're looking for better connections with those around you, I can't recommend this class enough!"

Katie McCall, CHt -


"I took an Enneagram Class as part of a class in 2018, and was never sure if my type was correct, so I decided to take a class with Cheryl. Cheryl presented the materials in a way that I quickly figured out what my type is, but I also learned a lot that can help me in relating to others in my day-to-day life. I am fascinated with the Enneagram now and plan to take many more classes with Cheryl. Thank you, Cheryl!"  

Cherie Ruffo - Ordained Unity Minister, Entrepreneur and Author

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