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Cheryl Fare
     create. engage. inspire.

with curiosity and confidence

with joy and enthusiasm


with respect and empowerment


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Reverend Cheryl Fare is an Ordained Unity Minister and a Master of Fine Arts in theatre. She has established herself as a leader with an artistic and spiritual voice of clarity over the course of a more than 38-year career as a writer, educator, actor, director, producer, musician, and spiritual leader.

As a writer she often focuses on real world topics, commenting on universal challenges as well as intimate, personal insights that give audiences a privileged glimpse of their own innermost virtues, fears and joys.  Cheryl’s style is direct, but subtly moving, using a quick wit and a wry sense of humor to shield readers while revealing the essence of life’s most sensitive topics. Cheryl is a leader with a strong voice of reason, encouraging professional and community groups to engage in meaningful collaboration.  As a dynamic speaker and educator, her insights provide sparks that expand the field of opportunity for artistic and spiritual discovery.

Cheryl serves on the Board of Directors for Unity Worldwide Ministries Eastern Region, and Free Jambalaya - a production company dedicated to the creation of original works.  She is a devoted soccer fan, loving mother, wife and friend.

Cheryl Fare

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Fran Householder,

member and former Board Member of Unity of Bon Air.

"It has been my pleasure to participate in more than one class taught by Cheryl Fare. She is always superbly prepared with knowledge of the subject matter, uses different elements of presentation that enhances our learning and communicates superbly with the students during class as well as follow-up. I am definitely 'on' for the next class she will be teaching."


Rev. Joyce Fisher Pierce

"Readers Theater has been a valuable asset at Unity of Bon Air for more than a decade.  The scripts are insightful glimpses into human nature, very engaging and entertaining, and never fail to give me the perfect springboard for communicating my message effectively.  AND our congregation loves each one!  Hurrah for Cheryl Fare and  her outstanding creativity and presentations!"

Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck

Cheryl Fare's Readers Theatre creatively brings universal teachings alive! Her scripts are humorous and often poignant driving home a central message that a simple talk cannot do.  They reinforce and amplify the central message of a Sunday lesson - before, after or during. 

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