WORKSHOPS (2 to 3-hour in-person or virtual sessions)

  • UNLEASH Your Healing Potential: Unity Principles and spiritual practices offer profoundly powerful teachings around healing and wholeness. Spend an evening with Cheryl Fare, Unity of Bon Air’s Licensed Unity Teacher, learning how to UNLEASH this life-changing potential in your life. Cheryl has been practicing Unity healing techniques for over a decade, addressing chronic issues such as arthritis, heartburn, and allergies, and even healing herself from extensive injuries following a traumatic 2015 auto accident. Learn practical techniques for expanding your consciousness, and embrace your own amazing potential for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing! Have paper and pen or markers on hand for creating your own Healing Path.

  • Social Media Basics and Beyond: Crafted to the needs and interests of your group, explore best practices for confidence and sanity while navigating social media, proven strategies for expanding your social media footprint, and up to date tools for time and multiple platform management.

  • Spiritual Bypassing: What is spiritual bypassing? Explore the the groundbreaking book by Robert Augustus Masters, PhD: Spiritual Bypassing - When Spirituality Disconnects Us from What Really Matters - Learning to recognize and Transform the Obstacles that Keep Us from Living Life Fully. Spiritual bypassing—the use of spiritual practices/beliefs to avoid dealing with painful feelings, unresolved wounds, and developmental needs—is so pervasive that it goes largely unnoticed. “Spiritual bypassing is not something to eradicate, but to outgrow. Let us treat it as such, recognizing that real spirituality is not an escape but an arrival.”

  • The Enneagram as a Tool for Transformation: Explore the dynamic system known as the Enneagram, a transformational tool for personal insight, evolution and growth. Discover how aspects of personality reveal strength and power, and how to tap into even greater potential through expanding awareness.  Go beyond personality analysis to reveal the Enneagram as an insightful tool for the creative process of living and realizing Oneness.

  • Play and Pray Like an Actor – Exploring a Unique Path to Mindfulness:  What does an actor’s work have to do with mindfulness, and what can you gain from this practice? Explore the long-form improvisational "games" that actors use in training to tap into the dynamic power of the here and now. Release the busy parts of the brain and embrace the present moment in a safe and fun environment through cooperative movement activities in large and small groups.

  • Fun with Readers Theatre: A workshop using Wisdom Skit scripts to actively engage participants in bringing spiritual lessons to life.

  • How to Start Your Own Readers Theatre Program: A step-by-step how-to for potential leaders and interested participants.

  • How to Present an Easy & Inclusive Children’s Christmas Pageant:  Using Cheryl’s original script, learn how to present a holiday performance with ease, using minimal rehearsal and maximum participation.

  • The Lord’s Prayer:  Engaging with the traditional text in a way that makes it come alive and become real and meaningful in our modern world.

  • Seven Steps to Positive Living: Practical tips and meditative practices to establish and enhance a consciousness of wholeness and peace.

  • You Name It:  Ask and you shall receive a 3-hour workshop on the topic of your choice.