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Welcome to the Wisdom Skits Shop!  Wisdom Skits are 5-minute readers theatre scripts written by Rev. Cheryl, and available for download on this very page.  Styles include Comedy, Insight and Reflection, and topics cover a range of universal spiritual interests.  Director’s notes are included to make staging easy. and there is a full set of scripts based on Unity’s 12 Powers!

Wisdom Skits are available as digital downloads.  The cost is up to you.  Thank you for using the "Send Payment" button on the home page of this website, or @Cheryl-Fare on Venmo to send a love offering at a comfortable level for you.  Once you complete your purchase, the confirmation page will include a link to download your script(s), and you will receive an email confirmation including links.


Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck

Cheryl Fare's Readers Theatre creatively brings universal teachings alive! Her scripts are humorous and often poignant driving home a central message that a simple talk cannot do.  They reinforce and amplify the central message of a Sunday lesson - before, after or during. 

Rev. Joyce Fisher Pierce

"Readers Theater has been a valuable asset at Unity of Bon Air for more than a decade.  The scripts are insightful glimpses into human nature, very engaging and entertaining, and never fail to give me the perfect springboard for communicating my message effectively.  AND our congregation loves each one!  Hurrah for Cheryl Fare and  her outstanding creativity and presentations!"

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