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A Unity Spiritual Education & Enrichment (S.E.E.) Course – SCS 125
With Reverend Cheryl Fare
Tuesdays on Zoom, 7-9pm EST
August 23 – September 20


Unity believes that “The Christ” is within everyone. This belief is perhaps the single greatest distinguishing characteristic between Unity and traditional Christianity. Unity refers to “The Christ” as a timeless divine idea. The primary goal of this course is to help you develop an effective understanding of what The Christ is and how you are part of the Christ idea. Whether you are a beginning Unity student or have studied Unity teachings extensively, you will, as you work through these lessons, develop both a “head” and a “heart” understanding of The Christ.

***This course is best suited for dedicated Unity students who will make a personal commitment to doing the assigned reading and accomplishing all the assignments. This course is not suited to those who are looking for a casual learning experience on a drop-in basis. ***

Presented on a Love Offering basis.

To sign-up and receive the ZOOM link, send an email Rev. Cheryl at

Although taking THE CHRIST course for Unity SEE credit is suggested, it is not required. Unity students taking for SEE credit will receive instruction from Rev. Cheryl for registration on the Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI) website.


Reverend Cheryl Fare is a freelance ordained Unity Minister and Teacher, inspirational speaker, published playwright, actor, producer, director, organizational consultant, and heart-centered metaphysician.  Cheryl has a passion for Unity Principles, and shares openly how using practical Truth teachings have guided her through several exceptional life challenges.  Cheryl is a Master of Fine Arts with a 35-year career in performing arts before shifting her focus to Unity. Learn more about Rev. Cheryl at