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August 6, 11AM, Unity of Fredericksburg

Title: Is it time to build a new boat?

Description: Let’s take a fresh look at the old fable of the flood and the arc and see what it has to offer us here in the 21st Century. Is it time to stay on your old headings and maintain course, or jettison some old beliefs and build yourself a new boat?


August 13, 11am, Unity of Fredericksburg

Title: Breaking Open from Within

Description: Is the habit of a lifetime weighing you down like an ancient Goliath? Sometimes it takes the decisive action of a slingshot to break through old patterns. Let’s discover a new path together!

















August  27, 11am, Unity of Fredericksburg

Title: Welcome Home Again

Description: There’s an old saying that you can never go home again. Is it true? Not in Spirit! Let’s examine how, no matter how far we stray from home in our prodigal ways, we are always welcome home again.

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